Here are the top 7 waterfalls in Goa worth visiting

When you think of Goa, you think of a vibrant culture. Your mind probably conjures up vivid images of beautiful beaches, captivating churches, rich food, a busy nightlife and a cheery crowd. But Goa has a lot more to offer. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of city life……are waterfalls! Overshadowed by the more flashy prospects offered by Goan tourism, waterfalls often rank low on most itineraries. However, the sound of cascading water and the mesmerising view of a shimmering fall would move anyone, not just nature lovers.

Here’s a list of famous waterfalls in Goa that are a must-see!

Dudhsagar Waterfall: The crowd favourite

Let’s start with the most popular one. A four-tier waterfall, Dudhsagar is an impressive sight located along the Goa-Karnataka border. The gushing water foams and falls in a swell of white. This milky appearance gives the waterfall its name, Dudhsagar – a sea of milk.

An adventurous jeep ride will take you through a lush forest and get you to your destination. Whether you swim in the clear water or just soak in the peace, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Netravali Waterfall: A serene getaway

Located in South Goa, this gorgeous waterfall lies deep in the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. An oasis of serenity, the silence and tranquillity are perfect for both couples and nature lovers.

A 20-minute trek will lead you to a view so stunning that every exerted muscle and heaving breath will be forgotten. Trade your fatigue for fascination and spend hours just gazing at the magnificence of the Netravali waterfall.

Netravali Waterfall

Arvalem Waterfall: The tourists’ choice

An amazing natural wonder located in North Goa, Arvalem waterfall is a comfortable drive from Panjim and an easy fall to reach.

It is perfect to visit during and after the rainy season when the gushing falls make for a dramatic backdrop to your photos. An old arched bridge close by offers a perfect view of the waterfall for photography enthusiasts.

Popular with tourists, the Arvalem rock-cut caves and the Rudreshwar temple are also an easy walk away. Be sure to visit the waterfall for a picnic, an exploration or simply a great sightseeing experience.

Arvalem Waterfall

Kuskem Waterfall: An offbeat attraction

A little obscure and very seasonal, Kuskem waterfall is active only during heavy monsoons and requires a bit of an uphill trek to reach. It lies within the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary.

Surrounded by the lush greenery associated with Goan monsoons, the waterfall makes for a picturesque scene straight out of a postcard. And just like in the movies, the water also drops straight down into a pool which makes it perfect for recreating dramatic scenes.

Kuskem may be small but it is quite the spectacle. So make your way there for a nice swim or an actual shower under the cascading waterfall.

Kuskem Waterfall

Bamanbudo Waterfall: The unexplored marvel

A hidden gem of South Goa, Bamanbudo waterfall flows right by the roadside and is easy to get to. The drive to the waterfall is also a scenic one.

The waterfall cascades in steps and settles into a clear pool at the base. The perfect natural jacuzzi, Bamanbudo makes a lovely little gathering spot for family and friends.

So add this unexplored beauty to your list and take a cool swim in its clear waters the next time you’re in Goa.

Bamanbudo Waterfall

Hivre Waterfall: A trekker’s paradise

Slightly less popular thanks to the tough trek required to reach it, Hivre waterfall makes up for it with its almost mystical charm. Located in a thick tropical forest, it’s prettiest in the monsoon.

A hilly hike with refreshing greenery, Hivre actually covers three different waterfalls. An enthusiastic trekker can make the trip to see all three in one go.

So if you enjoy hikes or long walks, the experience of Hivre waterfall will definitely be right up your alley.

Now that you know all about the beautiful waterfalls scattered over Goa, there is no point in resisting the temptation to visit. Add them to your itinerary and discover a hidden side of Goa not seen in popular media!

The fastest way to these gorgeous waterfalls is through Goa International Airport. So book your tickets and fly your way to Goa airport, the perfect central stop on your trip to Goa.

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